The newly developed
Colonoscopy Simulator
(Colonoscopy training simulator)

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The newly developed Colonoscopy Simulator
MIKOTO(Colonoscopy training simulator)

Mikoto is equipped with a variety of sensors and a unique algorithm
that allows for efficient self-learning
and accurate scoring of your colonoscopy procedure.

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  • ・Self-learning is realized by a procedure level evaluation system
    using a real model of the large intestine
  • ・Improve colonoscopy skills in a short period of time
1.Realistic colon model
  • Soft material, smooth surface
  • Realistic fold shape and texture
  • Multiple polyps
Reproduces the feeling of entering the intestinal tract of the human body
▲Artificial lumen
▲Internal structure
2.Self-learning can be achieved
  • Recording videos for personal review
  • Procedure scouring system
  • 3 adjustable difficulty settings
▲Screenshot during training playback
▲Screenshot during practice
*Photos and images are under development. Specifications subject to change without notice.
1.Easy to use
  • All-in-one
  • 3 minutes to set up
  • Build-in touch panel display
2.Easy to handle
  • Light weight(about 8kg)
    Box type
  • Compact size
3.Easy maintenance
  • Vegetable oil-based lubricant
  • No need to clean-up after use

Now Accepting Orders

Available from June 15, 2023

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